• Is there 24 hr care? – yes
  • Is there a separate kitchen for food preparation for cats? – yes
  • Do the cats have individual sleeping accommodation? – yes
  • Can I see your cattery licence? – yes of course
  • Do the cats have individual runs? – yes all of our lodges are individual
  • Is there a shelf for cats to sit/lie on? – yes all have resting areas with a lovely view
  • Is there a gap or full height solid barrier between cat units? – yes
  • Is there an interesting view for the cats? – yes, they all overlook 2 acres of lawned/tree area
  • Is there a safety passage? – yes
  • Do the cats units have the cats name on? – yes
  • Are the litter trays & bowls cleaned regularly? – yes they are cleaned everyday
    or more often if necessary
  • Is there a form of heating for each cat? – yes all lodges have heating
  • Does my cat need to be vaccinated? – yes
  • Would you cater for my cat’s diet? – yes
  • My cat suffers from ……… do I need to tell you? – yes
  • Is there security? – yes we have CCTV, plus alarmed